Evolving Outdoor Wi-Fi Deployments

Wi-Fi that deploys and covers like 3G/LTE to dramatically reduce node counts and network complexity.

Leveraging Existing Infrastructure for Wireless WANs

Over 260,000 known cellular sites, including towers that make colocation simple and cost effective.

Single Access Point LANs

Dramatically reduce node counts and complexity for large area Wi-Fi

Bringing Carrier Class Performance to WiFi

10X Improvement:

Coverage, Uplink/Downlink Data, CAPEX/OPEX, Noise Floor Abatement, Users per node

100 Improvement:

User Experience


What is Carrier Class WiFi?
Posted 08.31.2011

Carrier Class Wi-Fi is the ability to deploy Wi-Fi at known cellular sites due to range and performance characteristics. Because of Vivato’s extended range, noise reduction, users per node and downstream/upstream performance, single access point WiFi WANs covering square miles can be created. Significant CAPEX and OPEX savings are achieved by being able to deploy [...]